A Marketing Lesson from Hollywood

Hollywood certainly knows how to market.

They spend millions of dollars on promotion and publicity and almost everyone on the planet gets to see some of their output at some point.

As internet marketers, we would do well to study how they market new products, recycle old products (‘Anniversary Edition, Limited Edition…’) and make you feel like you’re part of their loop.

Individual stars appear to do it effortlessly and so many of us feel we know them, just from seeing them on the big screen a few times. Isn’t it true that you have a favorite actor, or actress? Aren’t there some actors you just don’t like – for whatever reason?

I ponder this point in an article I wrote a while back. You can view the entire article over at Ezinearticles if you want to find out the full details of the lesson I draw from the experience.

But here’s a small taster:

Now I happen to love Julia Roberts – she’s a great actress and I always enjoy her films. And let’s be honest, she’s very pretty. So when I saw what looked like her blonde twin I immediately felt that I would enjoy the film.

That’s not actually logical, because I’ve never seen this actress before, but my emotional response was exactly the same as if it had been Julia Roberts. I guess, if you want an explanation, that the part of my brain that recognizes faces kicked in and sent a message to my anticipation center that Julia Roberts was in the house – so to speak.

When the actress spoke she also sounded like Julia Roberts so that made the connection even more. In the end I had a very good time watching the film, it was thoroughly enjoyable and a good time was had by all the family.

At the end of the film I got to thinking how really good marketers use the same phenomenon to make more sales. Let me explain…

If you think of this in the context of all the big launches that have happened recently you’ll be able to see how they’ve used this phenomenon to reach into your pocket. The phenomenon is likely to increase over the next 12 months as savvy marketers pick up on the fact that it works. Smart marketers are already doing it, but new people are joining the ranks of the ‘friend of a friend’ every day.

This is your chance to use the power of relationship to improve how you interact with your visitors, subscribers and customers. When they see your name, what memories and associations do you want them to have? Because if you’re not controlling how they see you, who is?