Butterfly Marketing

I remember a few years ago when Butterfly Marketing came out, I wanted the script. I’m a sucker for scripts because I love to play with them, but Butterfly Marketing was out of my reach at the time. I think there was an early offer that I missed and then it went to something like $1,997 – a lot of money to find if you haven’t got it.

So I was intrigued today to get a promo email about something Mike Filsaime is doing with Butterfly Marketing 2.0. He’s actually giving away 5,000 copies of his home study course and the scripts – if you’re quick enough. I’ve registered on the notification list and I’ll be there when it’s launched to see if I can catch one of the free copies. I know the power of the script and as an internet marketing tool it’s powerful!

It’s not a completely unconditional offer though. You also have to pay about $30 for shipping – which seems perfectly reasonable as this is a physical product – and there is a continuity element for his newsletter, but it’s clear on his website and the video that there is a continuity aspect.

Personally I don’t mind the continuity element, if it’s clear and up front, as it is here. A while back there was a lot of heated debate back and forth when Mike did a forced continuity. The argument over whether it was a fair marketing model raged for a while, without ever being settled one way or the other. My own view is that the extremely clear continuity element on this offer is perfectly fair. After all, you can always unsubsribe later if you don’t like the newsletter.

The Butterfly Marketing script 2.0 has a lot of features in it. If you’d like your chance to get a copy let me point you to Mike’s pre-launch page. It’s a direct link – I’m not one of his affiliates I’m now using an affiliate link. I’ve just had an invite to JV with Mike Filsaime on this so I’ve spent a lot of time having a really good look at his offer.

I was happy to recommend it before, but now I know how much is in there it’s even better than I realized. BUT by 25th March you’ll probably have missed your chance. I’m offering a bonus to anyone who goes via that link and you’ll be able to read about that bonus on my next post.

But for the quick movers it will save you a chunk of change ($1,997) and then some. And it will give you a platform for managing your entire internet marketing empire.

Have a look here. And after you’ve confirmed your email address be sure to watch the video with Jordan Hall. It’s an inspiring story of a young guy who’s taken action and really done well.

There are some interesting lessons in that little video, if you pay careful attention. Mike Filsaime picked up on points that Jordan glossed over. I’d actually recommend you watch the video a 2 or 3 times, to get the most from it. Jordan Hall made about $40,000 in one week one week!!) using the power of Butterfly Marketing and he now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The free launch of the 5,000 copies takes place March 24th, 2009. Chances are the copies will be snapped up pretty quickly, so if you’re interested at all then go sign up now. If you don’t, it could be an expensive mistake.