Daily Challenge Day 1

I have decided to write a blog post every day for the next month. I know that I have been very sporadic in my blog posts here, but it seems to me that just a little discipline every day would lead to a much more valuable blog.

Frankly, finding 10 or 20 minutes every day to create a new blog post is not really all that difficult. Finding something to write about is equally straightforward, because there is information and new topics all around, every day.

For example, today I read a very interesting article about attempts to make Google pay for their use of content from other websites, in the Google index pages. Google, as you would expect, I resisting those attempts.

However, if you analyse the situation logically it is obvious that Google are taking content without permission and using it to make money. They make money by selling advertising on the back of providing research results. The search results come from your content. As far as I know Google have never asked anybody’s permission to index that content, or to display it on Google’s own webpages in the search results. Neither have they asked permission to use your content to enable them to serve advertising and charge for it.

I do think a lot of people forget that Google are only a company and do not own the Internet. It is true that they are very powerful simply by virtue of the fact that similar people use them, but power does not equal right. Or, as we say here, might is not right.

Google may find that the tide turned against them at some point. When a significant and powerful vested interests find it is beneficial to take on Google, then there will be a fair fight. If you try to fight Google you will lose, so you have to do what Google wants, in order to do well in their search engines. But the big companies who are now turning their frustration against Google, have the power, influence and opportunity to bring about changes.

Whether those changes actually occur depends on many different factors, but it will be a very interesting period in the months and years ahead to see what happens.

Google will not make any changes because of all the small websites that have all fallen by the wayside through their changes. Google may make changes if organisations as big as them start shaking their fists.

Personally, I believe such a change is long overdue.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments section.