Daily Challenge Day 2

So this is the second day of my daily blogging challenge.

Today, I have decided to write about how predictable many people are. The reason I have chosen that subject is that I have seen a television advertisement which relies on people’s predictability in order to work.

To avoid any legal repercussions I will not name the specific advertisement, or the company who broadcast it.

However, what I will say is that the advert only works on the basis that the people watching it will feel that they belong to some select and special club if they join the particular organisation represented. The truth of course is something different. Membership is open to everybody and it is free, so there are absolutely no barriers to entry.

The whole pitch of the advertisement is designed to make you feel special by making you think that only selected people are eligible. Feeling special is something that many people want and on that basis they would take action and join the club to buy exclusive items which other people cannot access. The fact that the advertisement goes on to tell you just how easy it is to join and that everybody is welcome seems to be hidden amongst the rather obvious exclusivity being promoted by the visual images.

This is almost the opposite of the phenomenon on social proof, where people will buy something because other people have already bought it. So even though there are two extreme opposite sides of the coin in terms of human behaviour, smart marketers and advertisers can use either side of those polar extremes to manipulate people into behaviour that they want.

Personally, I find that watching television adverts is very instructive in terms of how offers are phrased, pitched and delivered. There are many marketing lessons to be had from such analysis of what works. That does not mean that I personally would like to follow those examples, but it is a very useful thing to know how they work even if only to avoid them working on you!