Daily Challenge Day 3

Making business personal

Although I understand that it is a normal fact of sending out emails that some people will unsubscribe when you do so, it is still something I take personally when somebody unsubscribes with an unkind comment.

I am not a hype merchant and I do not send out emails every day as some people do, nor do I promote things every day as some people do.

This week I have promoted something which is a really superb deal and one which I felt obliged to share with people on my subscriber mailing list. Two people took exception to the fact that I shared the information, although I am not sure why. I have no problem if somebody does not want the information and wishes to unsubscribe, but it does seem very strange that some people will be extremely rude in the comments they can leave when they unsubscribe.

Surely, if you do not want to be on somebody’s mailing list you can simply unsubscribe. Why complain that you have been given information which is of benefit to you?

I know that there are various levels of emails that go out and some of them are pure hype. I can understand why people get frustrated with getting those everyday, but that is not my particular style. I share very helpful information as often as I can, usually once a week and I provide free webinars again usually once a week, where I share as much information as I can, freely, and usually go way over time!

I have read many times that you are mailing often enough when you start to get people unsubscribing. If you never contact anybody you will never have anybody unsubscribe, but if you are not contacting people you are not sharing information. However, I have to say that I still take things personally because it matters to me, not what people think of me, but that I am giving information that is of benefit to people. Therefore it concerns me when some people do not see the benefit of the information I provide. That tells me that I am not communicating the information clearly enough and I need to do better with future mailings.

I know from the emails that I receive that many people send some kind of pitch or offer with every single email. That is not something that I do, and unlikely ever to do. It just is not my way.

If you have a mailing list and you do not have people unsubscribing, it probably means that you are not emailing them often enough. Now of course we don’t want everybody to unsubscribe and we don’t want to annoy people by emailing five times a day! But unless you are sharing information, including superb offers from time to time, then what is the point of having people on your mailing list?

I know in my own case that I could make more money by emailing people offers more frequently. I don’t do that simply because most of the offers that I see I really not worth bothering with. When a truly valuable offer does turn up it seems even more important, on that basis, to share it with my subscribers.

I would encourage you to do the same, because many people do value hearing from you with the information you provide them, including recommendations which are valuable. But I do not recommend doing what many people do, mailing every day with the latest must have offer, which usually turns out to be a waste of time. There are so many offers every day that they cannot possibly all be worth having.

I think it is important to be selective in what you offer your subscribers, particularly if you are going to recommend it rather than simply mention it.

If you do not have personal experience of the product you are offering then it’s very difficult to speak with any real authority as to the quality of the product.

For example, with the product I have recommended this week, I have first hand experience because I have been a paying customer of the product creator for about three years! I know exactly what the qualities of the product are, the consistency, and the usefulness. The fact that the product has an 80% discount for a very limited time also means I have a duty to share that with my subscribers. Genuine savings like that can make the difference between being able to afford the product, or not.

The two subscribers who do not agree with me and unsubscrbed most likely never will agree with me and therefore in reality are probably no great loss to my mailing list. I do know that many of the people on my mailing list appreciate the few recommendations that I do make, because they know for a fact that I do not believe in hype

If you have a mailing list yourself, please leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about receiving unsubscribe messages. I hope I never get to the point where I take them lightly, because it does matter to me that I am giving a good service to my subscribers.

What’s your view? Let me know in the comments below.