Daily Challenge Day 4

In my blog post today I want to talk about the simple process for making sales.

I will not go into tremendous detail, but intend to outline the sequence of events that you need to follow to make those sales. I think I will expand on that in future blog posts and maybe turn it into a webinar, but I will announce that he if I do.

The first and most important thing is to have some kind of content online. Although people tell you that you can make sales without any kind of website or content, even though it is technically true, it is much more difficult. For most of us, having some kind of website with good content on it is a must.

I say that the content is the first and most important thing because there is no point having site visitors there is nothing on your site to keep them there.

The next thing is to get visitors to your site, of course. Now this is a huge topic and one which cannot reasonably be covered in a single blog post. What I will say is that there are dozens of different ways to get traffic and in my opinion the important thing is to keep doing the ones that work for you. How do you know which ones work for you? The answer is fairly simple, you try lots of different techniques and see which one start getting results. Once you start seeing some results you put more effort into that particular technique.

Have to you get visitors to your site you really need to get them to trust you before they will buy from you. One of the ways you can do that is by providing good quality content, rather than rehashed junk. After all, when was the last time you were impressed by reading junk on somebody else’s website? No, high-quality content is an absolute essential and honesty, integrity and transparency are also important.

If people trust you, or at least feel that they can trust you then they are more likely to take the recommendations you make and take action on them. In other words they are more likely to buy either from you, or through you.

That leads me neatly onto the fourth point. I think it is important to believe in the product you are offering, whether it is your own product or somebody else’s. If you know of a product or service that will be of benefit to your visitors, why wouldn’t you share it with them? However, if all you’re doing is trying to make a few dollars by promoting stuff that really isn’t suitable, you’re going to burn any trust that you are.

What I’m saying really is that you should only promote those things which are of real value to your site visitors. It is all too easy to promote something every day because there is simply so much out there to promote. But the truth is that probably 90% of it all more is going to be unsuitable for your subscribers or site visitors. If you take the time and effort to check what is suitable for your site visitors and you then make good recommendations, you will earn even more trust and gain their confidence.

That does not mean that you can then cash in on trust, but it does mean that when you come across something suitable for them, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. In terms of creating a business that lasts for the long term, I would say that is a far better way of treating your visitors then viewing them as endless ATMs.

For myself, I subscribe to a number of email lists and it is always interesting to see the types of offers that are sent out. What I see with many marketers is that they send out the canned emails for promoting affiliate products and so does everybody else. In many cases it is clear that they have not even tried the product they are recommending. It makes it very difficult to believe their recommendation. Consequently, those marketers probably make no money from me.

The very small number of marketers who actually take the time to try a product and give genuine recommendations based on what they genuinely believe stand out like a sore thumb and they certainly get more of my money.

In the long term, making a few quick dollars today may be exciting but nowhere near as exciting as making a difference in the lives of other people by pointing them to genuine solutions for their particular needs.

I think there is a saying that if you give people what they need they internal give you what you want.

Think about that the next time you receive an offer from somebody, or you’re thinking of sending out an offer yourself.