Daily Challenge Day 6

Today is Day six of my full month blogging challenge.

What I would like to write about today is keeping going even when you’re bored.

Look, there is a lot to learn for all of us in doing most things on the Internet. However, at some point you’ll learn how to do a particular activity and you may get bored of it. I certainly do. That’s when it can start to feel like work. Doing something that is boring is like your day job. Necessary, but not always as much fun as you would like!

So when that time comes – and it does come – you have to keep pushing yourself to keep doing the things that are necessary for growth. You don’t have to enjoy doing them, you just have to do them.

Are there any tricks for making boring activities enjoyable? Well I have to confess I haven’t really found any. There are a couple of things you can do to get yourself through the boring bits, but I don’t think it makes them any less boring!

What works for me is offering myself some kind of reward for completing a boring task. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee, a walk to buy a newspaper, magazine or book (I love reading), or even watching a favorite tv show. But I can’t pretend it ever makes the boring stuff less boring.

Another aspect that can cause you not to grow is becoming frustrated or impatient if things do not work as quickly as you would like. This isn’t quite the same as boredom, because it is more disappointment than boredom, but the end result can be the same. If you are no longer enthusiastic about doing something, either from boredom or because it does not appear to be working, it is very difficult to put as much energy into doing it as you should do.

One of the single biggest factor is I see, regularly, where people are failing is that they fail to keep doing those things they need to be doing. Sometimes, activities take as long as they take and there is nothing you can do to make them quicker. If you stop doing them before you see the effects then the chances are your efforts will be wasted. On the other hand, if you keep doing them you will see the results at some point. Consistency and persistence are extremely important qualities to have when you’re trying to achieve anything.

As far as consistency and persistence are concerned the only recommendation I have is that you convince yourself before you begin that you need to continue and keep on continuing in order to see the results. Most of the tips, tactics and techniques that you will read about are not one shot solutions to anything. Particularly in the world of Internet marketing, one shot solutions tend not to exist. What we need are processes rather than miracle cures. In other words, it is like the ongoing work of a farmer, where you prepare the ground, plant the seed, water the plant, and then finally harvest the result. And then you start all over again!

Is there anything you have left undone today that you know you should have done? If so, why have you left it undone? Those two questions are good ones to ask yourself every single day, as long as you are honest in your answers.