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Want a killer headline for your sales page?

For Free?

Sure, who doesn’t. Where will you get it?

You could just write it yourself, of course. That’s what many of us do, with varying degrees of success. Let me suggest another way that might give you some inspiration.

Steal a headline from a magazine.

Ok, I’m not actually suggesting that you really steal a headline, but you can certainly allow a good one to inspire you. Magazines and newspapers have some amazing headlines. They have to do, to get people’s attention and make them buy.

Just think about the last time you stood in line at the supermarket checkout. Did you scan the magazines? If you did, I bet 1 or 2 made you want to know more, didn’t they? Have you ever picked one up to keep reading and see what the whole story was about?

That copywriter just earned his pay. He got you to take action.

You’ll see some excellent examples of headlines and if you study them you’ll begin to see a formula. You can use that formula, or pattern, for your own headlines in almost any niche you care to imagine. One thing really killer headlines always do is use keywords effectively. Just scan a few titles and you’ll see what I mean. You can get more information on keyword selection by clicking the link.

What if you can’t afford to buy dozens of magazines to study? You can’t very well spend all day in the checkout queue, can you? Your local newsstand vendor may be unhappy if you stand there reading without buying, too.

I recently addressed this question in a comment I made on another blog. I realized my comment may be of use to my visitors so I’m repeating it here.

…surprisingly, using print magazines as a source of inspiration for headlines is still not widely known.

It’s very surprising considering that most of us will read a magazine or newspaper at least a few times every month – even if it’s only while we stand in line at the supermarket checkout desk!

Magazines have been honing their skills in headline creation for a long time and frankly they do a better job than a lot of the so-called gurus out there.

I agree with you completely. They are a good source for your swipe file. You don’t even have to buy the magazines. Many dentists and doctors get rid of older magazines every so often and they’re happy for somebody to take them away.

Just because a magazine is a few months old doesn’t mean the headline is no good. In fact, if you collect them over a period of time you’ll see the same formula used over and over again.

As some people say, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’.

The copywriters who work for magazines and newspapers are real experts – let them help you write your headlines.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying magazines you should be able to get a good selection free from your local doctor’s office. Just ask!