Google Site Maps

Some of you will know that you can submit a site map to Google. It doesn’t guarantee that they will index you any faster, but it does help them to discover more about what’s on your site. The theory is that if they can find that valuable more content then you are more likely to end up fully indexed.

And that, which increases traffic, means more money in the bank.

Producing a site map can be done by hand – if you have the time. Or you can use one of the many tools available. Some are paid and some are free. I discovered a very flexible free one today and wanted to share it with you here.

Visit GSiteCrawler here.

You’ll see it’s a free download, but the author gives you the opportunity to make a donation. If you use it wisely this little program should result in more visitors to your site. With the extra money you make, why not send him a small donation?