Instant Article Wizard Pro 2.0

If you’ve ever heard of article marketing (and most people have) you’ll know it’s a great way to make money. Not overnight, but steadily and with increasing strength as time goes on.

You’ll also know that churning out article after article can be exhausting – especially if you’re involved in several niches.

Well I’ve been using a tool that virtually writes the articles for you. Of course I have an advantage here because I’ve been speaking to the developer every day for many weeks about it.

That tool is Instant Article Wizard Pro 2.0 and the developer is Jon Leger. I’m pleased to say that several of my suggestions have gone into the product and I’m very pleased to say that it’s every bit as good as the current hype surrounding it.

In fact, it’s so good I thought I’d let my son have a go with it. He’s 13 and his favorite pastime is to watch comedy on tv – all day. He keeps away from the computer at all costs, if work is involved.

Well, I gave him twenty minutes instruction on how to use IAW Pro 2.0 and how to look for topics and then left him alone for an hour. He ended up creating 3 very respectable blogs posts for a specific niche. So good, in fact, that he’s started the blog now and in about 4 days Google have picked up 3 pages in their index.

He’s now working on writing a report for the niche that he intends to sell from his blog. He’s using IAW Pro 2.0 to do it.

3 blog posts doesn’t sound like much. But this is a 13 year old boy who’s thinking about food, girls, computer games and everything else he can. Anything, in fact, that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer ‘working’.

And if he can do it, so can you.

As he continues to work with the application he’s picking up speed. I have no doubt his next three blog posts will take a lot less than an hour (that includes the time to post to the blog and format the text).

What could you achieve if you were able to make 40 separate blog posts every day, without fail? Do you think you might be able to generate some money?

Yes, me too.

If you’d like to learn a little more about IAW Pro 2.0 and discover the insane offer Jon has made so you can try this powerful tool for just $7, visit