Niche Blogs

I think most of you have heard of niches. You know that a niche, an area of interest in other words, is something that we must ‘target’ in order to make money. And it’s true.

Just think of how much money is made buying and selling collectable comics that have a face value of a few cents. That’s pretty niche, but it’s still big business. Conventions exist to cater for the demand and a whole chunk of cash changes hands just in that one tiny area.

Think of eBay – that started out, so the story goes, as a way for the founder’s girlfriend to swap Pez sweet dispensers!

Well niche blogs are really just the same idea, but in the blogging world. It relates to blogs which have a fixed area of focus. It could be in the health area, or in an even narrower niche like high blood pressure. These are just examples, the actual niches can be anything. If a few people are interested in it, then yes, it’s a niche. So ‘learn to speak Klingon’ is definitely a niche (and bigger than you may think).

So just go out and set up a niche blog and you’ll be able to start attracting visitors to that blog. Easy, right? Well, not if you’re like most people (me included) and you just don’t like the time and effort it takes to produce the content. Hey, the internet is supposed to be about easy money, right? Hard work is supposed to be a thing of the past.

What if you really could start a niche blog the easy way? With quality content delivered for you. That would be quite a nice way to build up a blog real estate empire. There are people out there selling such blogs already. All you have to do is pay your money, rewrite the content and then… wait, do what? Rewrite the content yourself? More work.

Ok, so here’s the point of the post. I’ve just launched my niche blog building service. It builds niche blogs, so far so same as everyone else. What my service does that’s special is give each member their own version of the content. You’re not going to get exactly the same content as 500 other people. The full details are at the sales page at

I’ve sent an offer to all my subscribers – a total of 7 of them will get it completely free. The first 5 who comment here and tell me how much the opening offer saving is get it for nothing (well I want you to at least take a look at the sales page!). I’m then keeping 2 copies back for later commenters, so that anyone in a different timezone still has a fair chance. I will decide which 2 commenters get the free copies.

UPDATE: As at 16:30 GMT 12th March the 5 free copies have been allocated. There are 2 more copies available and if there are more qualifying comments than that I’ll pick the 2 commenters who I think should have the free copies. I’ll leave the comments open for a while to give people chance to make their comment and get a free copy of the system.

UPDATE: As at 22:11 GMT 9th March the first 3 free copies have already been allocated.

Please note, if you’re not already on my subscriber list when you make the comment you will not qualify for a free copy – so sign up now if you haven’t already done so. You can do that over on the right of the page.