Push Me Pull You

Well, in the film Dr. Dolittle that was the name of the twin-headed lama, but in Seth Godin’s blog, he talks about marketing via push and pull and suggests that we should consider our position on that double-headed coin.

Whether the method we use is congruent with our message, in fact.

And why should that matter?

Well, I suppose for me it’s true to say that there are some sites that I absolutely want pushed my way – Seth’s is one of them. And there are others which would have me reaching for the angry email button if anything got pushed to me from them.

Ethical marketing – and Seth has been talking about permission based marketing for years – does need to consider the consumer at the other end. Long term, sustainable business with solid growth is hard to achieve if you alienate your customers.

So, which end of that coin do you belong to? And more importantly, why?