Tips for writing a better article: Bum Marketing – Part 10

Let other people use your articles on their sites.

An article on your hard disk is worth nothing. An article on a single website is usually worth a bit more, but not that much. An article on hundreds of sites, all pointing to your money site, now that’s worth something.

When you’ve written an article you can submit them to the article sites in the normal way, but you can also allow other people to put them on their sites. You may want to take some time to look around for good quality sites, and then offer to let them use your articles on their site together with your byline. When you add your article to other peoples’ sites you’re getting free advertising on quality sites in your niche. Not every site will take an article, of course, but you’ll never know unless you try and you might be surprised how many webmasters are happy to take quality content.

This will also help get you listed in the search engines because you will have a one-way link and in most cases you can control the ‘anchor text’ used. That means you can use a highly targeted keyword phrase to point to your site. It’s one of the finest ways to get good rankings for a particular search phrase and that’s a powerful way to make money. Just be sure to check out the sites you’re contacting to see if they have a high rank and are listed in the search engines. Plenty of hits don’t hurt, either!

For you and the other site owner this is a win-win situation. They get quality content and you get free 1 way backlinks. If you spend some time every day looking for quality sites to offer your articles to it won’t be long before you’ll get traffic from their site and from the search engines. Your site will rise in the search engine ranks as your links grow. Getting a first page position on Google isn’t impossible, but it does take a little work. The more effort you put into this technique the better you can do.

1 way backlinks are actually a vital part of any good SEO campaign. Unfortunately Google has an annoying habit of constantly changing how they rank websites. So, these days, it’s critical to get high quality, 1-way links to your website. As well as writing articles, blog commenting and social networking there are link services which can make the process easier.

Reciprocal linking used to be a popular – and successful – technique to get rankings, but reciprocal linking isn’t anywhere near as effective as it once was. If you’re like most people the problem is that it’s hard to figure out how to get enough 1 way links without doing a huge amount of work. Jon Leger has introduced a tool that solves the problem.

1WayLinks is an SEO tool that helps you generate up to 750 (yes, 750!) 1 way links to your websites every month. The links can go to inner pages, home pages, subdomains, even directly to affiliate promotion links. Using the links to spread some ‘juice’ around the various pages of your sites is a great way to increase your overall site positioning. There’s even a way to deal with any potential duplicate content issues.

With 1WayLinks you can spin your post by creating a few variations. The system will multiply the variations into dozens of unique posts for you. Depending on how much effort you put into the spinning process you can have 100% unique content on every blog that picks up the post. That’s a great way to maximize the benefits of your efforts.

Does 1WayLinks work? Simple answer, yes. I’ve seen my own linked pages climb the search engine rankings after using 1WayLinks. You just have to be sure to:

  • Target the right keywords, such as the long tail keywords. Primary keywords like GOLF are going to be too hard to compete with
  • Spin your post and make sure you benefit from lots of unique versions of your post
  • Don’t go mad and post all 750 links to 1 site in one go. It looks reall spammy
  • Don’t repeat the exact same links 3 times in your post. You’ll just be wasting some of the link juice.

If you’d like more information about the linking system, just visit 1WayLinks