Tips for writing a better article: Bum Marketing – Part 9

Keyword Selection

To increase your search engine ranking, be very selective in choosing keywords. It can make the difference between a site earning a few dollars a day and a site earning hundreds of dollars a day.

Keywords, perhaps ‘keyword phrases’ is a better term to use, are one of the, if not the, most important attributes you can use for ensuring that your business is successful on the Internet. Keyword phrases are what people use when they’re searching the web. You must have done searches yourself and every time you did the search engines went looking for matches, so they can give you a selection of sites that meet your needs.

Although plenty of people do a single word search, generally speaking, it’s a little harder to get good rankings for such simple terms, especially in a competitive niche. Even phrases like ‘credit card’ throw up 176,000,000 results so they’re hard to do well for.

That’s where the keyword phrases come in. ‘Credit card application’, for example, has only 3,480,000 results. Still a lot, but much lower than ‘credit card’.  “Apply for credit card” has just over 1,000,000 results.

And as long as there are good numbers of people searching for the phrase, the longer phrases are very often much easier to get ranked for. There’s a 3 word phrase one of my sites ranks for and I get #1 in MSN and #5 in Google. Those 2 results bring me in steady traffic and steady revenue.

If your site uses such keywords it can be much easier to get near the top of the search engine results – especially if you know the right way to implement a link-building campaign.

When you’re writing articles you should think about a range of keyword phrases you want your sites to be ranked for.  Using some of the keyword phrases in the article is a good start, but in your call to action, your resource box, be sure to use the main keyword phrase you want to rank for. Use it as the anchor text to your site. If you’re not sure what that means, here’s an example for this post:

Learn how to make a good keyword selection by visiting

In the example above I used keyword selection as the anchor text. Used in that way it tells the search engines that the website/page it links to is related to that phrase. A single link as I have here probably won’t make me appear very high in the search engines for that phrase, but if I undertook an article writing campaign using that phrase this post would rise up the ranks of the search engines. Any time somebody looked for keyword selection my post would be there.

When you are choosing your keywords it’s worth checking the top 10 results in each search engine to see what your competition is. No point trying to take on sites that already have thousands of links with that anchort text – it would be too hard to climb the search engines with that much competition.

After choosing the main keyword phrase you want to target you should also pick several variations. Try to create new articles based around the various keyword phrases, remembering each time to use the main keyword phrase that you’re writing about as your anchor text. That gives you a chance to appear in the search results for a number of keyword phrases, thus ensuring more traffic.

Of course you don’t have to confine yourself to using the keyword phrases just in articles for submission. You can use the same technique when writing blog posts, for example.

Easy Keyword Research

It’s time consuming to do the research on keywords and to find out where the competition is. I use a keyword suggestion tool released by Jon Leger to do my research. For ploughing through the numbers and giving you the data you need to outflank the competition, his keywords tool is fast and easy to use.

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