Work is work

It never ceases to amaze me how few people will actually take some action toward attaining a goal. Makes no difference whether that goal is financial, or something else.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been speaking to a number of people about various activities designed to provide a living. Some of them have gone on to make some money and a few in particular stand out in my mind for the fact they are still where they are weeks ago.

See, they haven’t taken any action. Not because they don’t know how, but because they can’t be bothered. I see that a lot: people who want it all to come to them with no effort. I don’t really believe life works quite that way – do you?

Anthony Robbins has made many, many millions, essentially by telling and teaching people how to take massive action. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, for sure, but it also helps to put your effort into it too!

There have been a rash of internet marketing products lately and most of them sell some aspect of ‘do nothing and make money’. It’s such a compelling dream for so many people. Yet the ones I see making the money are the ones who work hard, or have a team working hard for them.

Perhaps after a few years of working hard you can sit back and do nothing and watch the money roll in, but I very much doubt that the top marketers actually do two hours a day and then go sit on the beach. I know of one famous marketer and the guy never seems to stop. His income doesn’t seem to stop, either. I wonder whether those two things are related: what do you think?

So for anyone who’s just thinking of breaking into internet marketing I would say expect to work and work hard. It won’t be like a day job for the man, but it will be like a job, until you crack it and things start falling into place.

And if you don’t know how you’ll manage to do all the things you’re going to need to do, join the very large club of people who feel the same way as you do. It’s a common experience and it will pass – if you keep plugging away and doing the work.

Remember, the fact that there is work involved is to your benefit. The vast majority of people who take this up will fall by the wayside and present you with no competition, because they can’t be bothered. That’s good for you since there’s more room left for those who will work. And just as a small illustration of how little people will do to secure a living for themselves, I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve come across people who won’t even read an instruction manual.

Let me ask you this: if those people don’t even know how stuff works in their own business, what makes them think they will understand the business enough to make it work? There’s nothing wrong with getting someone to install products and software for you – in fact it’s often a very good idea. But at the very least you need to have some idea of what your systems can do and that takes some effort on your part, or an expensive lesson from someone else whose time you have to buy.

There really are plenty of opportunities out there for everyone, but the truth is that most of them involve some kind of effort.