Work Motivation

Work Motivation

Do you have it?

I ask the question because I had a subscriber unsubscribe today. Most people wouldn’t bother to leave comments when they unsubscribe, but this particular person did and their comments were very interesting.

You see, if someone takes the time to comment when they unsubscribe you can learn something from them, even if it says more about them than it does about your product.

In this case the subscriber had downloaded a free product I offer. It’s a ready made website and you have to configure it with some of your own details, like URL and Adsense ID, before you upload it. That’s the minimum you have to do to get it ready. If you take the time to make a few additional tweaks it’s better for you.

So having had the freebie the subscriber got one of my autoresponder messages offering some software to be used for link cloaking. Handy if you’re going to promote affiliate offers. At that point he decided to unsubscribe and tell me why.

you guys send me a website that is complicated to set up. I think you can take your freebie and ,..

I assume the “and…” part refers to something rude, although that’s not the point. That was message 1.

Here’s message 2.

boring and time consuming, if you help set up and I start making bucks, don’t you think i’ll pay you more?

Interesting statement and question. Let’s examine it.

don’t you think i’ll pay you more?

Hey, it was free on both counts. If you paid anything it would automatically be more than that!

boring and time consuming

It’s called work. You find it boring? Well, nobody is forcing you to do it. Do you really think anyone actually enjoys configuring a site (77 seconds) and then uploading it (129 seconds)?  Geeks and tech heads might love doing it, but most of us don’t live to do tech stuff. It’s a necessary step to making money for most people – at least until you can afford to pay someone to do it for you.

if you help set up and I start making bucks

Now we’re getting to the real meat of the issue. If somebody else (me, in this case) is willing to do all the work for him, for free of course, he’ll be glad to see money start coming in. Well now who wouldn’t?

I mean come on, if there is anyone out there who wants to set up a bricks and mortar operation for me and let me have the profits I’ll gladly give you my name and email, no problem. It’s a no-brainer. Hey, if all you’re offering is a website and some tools to go with it so I can start to make some money I’ll take it – just as long as you do all the work.

Does real life ever work out that way? Does anyone really believe that somebody else is going to do all the work and hand all the profits over to them? Do you believe that?

Of all the tools and products I offer, paid and freebie, you have to do at least something with them. And right there is one of the seemingly most “hidden” secrets of success of all time. You have to take a little action. And keep on taking action.

There may be a complete system out there that requires you just to look at it once and it will start making money. But let’s be sensible about this. What are the odds of that happening, really? You know those gurus who claim that they work 2 hours a day and make a fortune? Well in some cases it’s true. But they don’t often tell you how much work their team is putting in, do they? That work’s usually got to be done by someone for success to come calling.

And here’s the funniest thing of all. In the time it takes to unsubscribe and leave a comment, then dig out the original subscription email and send a separate comment, my ex subscriber could have configured the website and probably had it uploaded too.

How much money will he make sending me those 2 comments? I’m pretty sure he’ll make nothing. How much money could he have made with the website if he’d put the same amount of effort into using it? I don’t know for certain because a lot depends on him thinking about what he’s doing, but I know that similar websites can make a couple of grand a year on autopilot. But only after you’ve put a little bit of work to get them going in the first place.

“boring and time consuming?”

Maybe, but likely to produce more income over the longer term than walking away and doing nothing but complain.

So it’s up to you: you can complain and quit, or you can quit complaining.

Which are you going to do?